Road Sawing

Our road sawing service is specifically designed to handle the toughest asphalt and concrete surfaces with ease.

Equipped with state-of-the-art road saws, our skilled team makes precise cuts in roadways, highways, car parks, and other asphalt areas. Whether it's for expansion joints, removals, or repairs, our expertise ensures clean and straight cuts, leaving a smooth finish that meets the highest industry standards.

Soft Cutting

This service involves using early-entry saws with diamond blades to control and reduce random cracking in newly poured concrete.

This specialised technique is employed within the first few hours of concrete placement, before it fully sets. By strategically creating control joints, we relieve internal stresses and prevent unsightly cracks that could compromise the structural integrity. Our expert team ensures precise and shallow cuts, resulting in a flawlessly finished concrete surface, meeting the highest industry standards for durability and aesthetics.

Core Drilling

Using high quality diamond tipped core barrels ranging from 18mm diameter - 1m diameter. Core drilling is the ultimate solution for creating precise and clean holes in concrete, masonry, and other hard materials.
Our advanced core drilling machines remove cylindrical cores with unparalleled accuracy. This technique is ideal for installing plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as creating openings for anchors and dowels. Our skilled team executes core drilling with meticulous precision, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding structure and delivering reliable, consistent results for various construction applications.

Hand Sawing

Using powerful hand-held saws with a cutting depth of up to 150mm deep. We offer a precise and versatile hand sawing service, ideal for cutting concrete in confined spaces or areas inaccessible to larger equipment.

Our skilled operators can make intricate cuts accurately. This technique is perfect for creating openings in walls, floors, and slabs, as well as modifying or removing small sections. Our expertise allows us to efficiently execute detailed cutting tasks, making it an essential method for precision work in various construction and renovation projects.

Ring Sawing

We utilise modern ring saws equipped with diamond blades to achieve deep and precise cuts in concrete and other hard materials.

The unique design of the ring saw allows for cutting depths up to 270mm, making it ideal for applications that require substantial depth penetration. From walls to floors and thick slabs, our skilled team expertly handles this method, delivering clean and accurate cuts with minimal vibration. Ring sawing is the go-to solution for projects demanding both precision and depth.

Flush Cutting

We specialise in flush cutting which is particularly valuable for renovations, repairs, and modifications, where preserving adjacent structures is crucial.

Flush cutting involves meticulously removing specific sections of concrete or masonry surfaces with precision and minimal damage to the surrounding area. Using specialised flush-cut saws equipped with diamond blades, our skilled team ensures a seamless and level finish. By executing flush cuts with exceptional accuracy, we provide our clients with a polished and professional outcome, meeting the highest standards for quality and aesthetics.